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Each and every pet has their own preference. Some like it warm, others like it cool. Some enjoy a plush bed while others prefer a firmer consistency. However, one thing is certain; each pet knows what they like. With our wide variety of products in all pet supplies categories we have created something for even the most particular of pets. No longer do pet owners have to fret over if their pet will accept or reject a product. Gone are the days when you return home, glee with excitement at the latest purchase you made; only to find out your pet can barely stand the sight of the product. When purchasing a PRECIOUS TAILS product, owners rest assured that what they’re buying has been pet approved. We seek advice only from our sharpest critic: the pet. Upon completing a product, we allow a pet to give it a whirl to see if its something that makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Products that don’t meet the highest standard in pet enjoyment, comfort and safety are modified and remodeled until they are approved. This rigorous process, and the well-earned approval thereafter, is from the main reasons PRECIOUS TAILS has become the brand of choice for pet owners the world over.